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Вакансия consultant in webdomains

популярную доску объявлений
промышленных и торговых
компаний 60 стран
Consultant in webdomains
Зарплата 1000-12000$  -  Возраст 18-60лет
  (Beginning of Business: Web Domain as Obligatory investment with fast ROI and Face for Your Business)
- Create and Generate new Ideas in Researching of Clients
- Search and Contact with buyers
- Create and Generate own ways for complete and transfer information to Potential and Real Clients
- Calculate own Incomes/Profits
- Inform Employer about Confirmed Deals/ Get Accepted Confirmation from Clients
- Getting Capitals!
- Resting and relaxing
- Joining to "Profession development courses" (optional)
- Reading - those of candidates who need knowledge about Domains will be added to Information Folder with needed knowledge base.
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Тел.: +84 121 5505111, Kramarov Ivan
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