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Trade with India

NAMA Consultants– is an Import Export Business Consultant Company in India that provides Strategic Business Consultancy and Solution that helps you, in building and developing business between India, and other Nations, like Russia, CIS countries (U.S.S.R-Russian speaking countries) and Turkey, caters to other countries of the world.
A stop solution for all your business requirements in India. Based out of Mumbai, with our contacts spread across India, if you want professional business consultants in India, speaking your language, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE!!!
A Professional outlook, with a clear understanding of your, specific business requirements with scope and the limitations. We help our esteemed Clients to execute business operation smoothly and seamlessly, with cohesive cultural integration. We are happy to represent your Company in India or abroad, for your business operations.
Our Endeavor is to help you grow limitlessly in the right way, which will help you in an exponential business growth.
Incubate. Collaborate. Scale up
We offer our services at very reasonable fees. We guarantee professional approach and full transparency in all our operations.
For more information contact us.
8 January 2020 в 14:02
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Тел: +917506986788, Наргиза Ныязмаммедова. Директор
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